Top 10 Tuesday: Books with Sprayed/Colored Edges

Another late Top 10 Tuesday post! I could wait to post this next week but I've been planning this blog post for 2 days now and I finally finished my research! Today's Top 10 Tuesday is "Books with Sprayed/Colored Edges". I'm not a cover-buyer but if I see a book with colored edges, I'm sold.… Continue reading Top 10 Tuesday: Books with Sprayed/Colored Edges

Manic Monday: Six of Crows Tumblr Posts

Wow, it's been a month since my last blog post and I feel so bad!!! There's only a week left in September so I've planned to post blog article every day this remaining week. Here are some updates in my life: I just finished Ruin and Rising after two weeks of being distracted by kdramas.… Continue reading Manic Monday: Six of Crows Tumblr Posts